Tips To Buy Renaissance dental

Renaissance dental will and certainly you know we advocate for what’s best for our for our clients asĀ Renaissance dental well yes it’s it’s you know it’s like a so proper you guys are involved in its I you know you do you should do reality show about you too .


Doctor civilian Insurance a couple more things I want to go over here could you give an example some contractual details doctors should be looking for in their contract yeah it should be worded.

Where the carrier can never change anything so somewhere our client works or lives their disability number should be a tied to an association or a job it should be the only one .

That can cancel it as the client if they want to so if they buy it in their for the next four years the company has no right to change their cost or the words is there an expiration you told me about

that scenario Jim where you hope that the doctor had a stroke is there an age where they stop cover you for disability like does it expire its contractual so let’s use

A typical scenario age but you do have the option to continue policies if you want to beyond age and it’s usually you know two-year a two year cycle okay but yes

There that you choose so you can do a five-year or ten-year benefit period or age and some companies even running a now nothing so we get paid the same way

They do which is on production and you know how busy we are so they’ll never get a bill from us we’ll often spend many many meetings and many hours but

We’ll get paid right by the carrier I mean it’s just too important for down students young male students for your listening residents is just too important mess around

I know it’s not as exciting as to go to hte course on how to scan the next scanner on top of the scanner or you know sleep apnea for monkeys whatever they’re going on

I know that’s more exciting but this is something that could affect your livelihood your family’s livelihood these two guys have been kind enough to share sponsor

What we’re doing I’m excited for you guys to be part of our Dennis and team boost livestream will be sharing you know what your company does with people online .