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Dentemax so with so data is pretty clear these are just a couple of the studies that I chose because there were the longer term studies success rate of this particular ceramic.


Dental implant just as good as titanium over time but I want to spend some time talking about peri-implant infections and the reason is the zirconia that all implants have gotten attention because.

They attract less plaque around them and some of you may have seen this when you place actually the zirconia dental implant crowns or just a zirconia crowns on .

Teeth you’re gonna notice that the soft tissue around those crowns looks better it attracts less plaque so same thing here this actually one of my patients that came in had and Influenza .

This is actually a ceramic element while this happens to be one piece in black sister and basically these other treatment classes actually Thanks studies have been done to check the biofilm around implants or what they notice is that is in

We can we lower biofilm cohesion than titanium and I’m talking about the titanium polished Obama’s not the Ruffin surface we all know that attracts plaque but the titanium polished abutment will attract more plant than zirconia

We believe the reason why this is is because of the ions that are released from the fighting because bacteria also transmits certain they used their electrical stimuli between .

Them to communicate that’s what the theory is but nobody has been able to prove that so the couple studies here from – they saw less inflammation around the peri-implant tissues of zirconia

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 Everything You Need to Know About Prevention

The disease is inflammation Dentemax and damage to the gums and fibers that connect and surround the teeth and bones of the teeth. This is one of the main causes of tooth loss among adults over the age of  It is usually formed from a bacterial plate.

Bacterial bacteria are a colorless sticky substance formed on the teeth.

Dentemax the bacterial plaque is not removed on the teeth, brushing your teeth or brushing your teeth with a accumulates and solidifies in a substance called differentiation and integration, or better known as calcification.


Not only affects the health of the mouth. It is known that gum disease is associated with heart disease and heart attacks. it has been confirmed that oral toxins associated with gum disease can eventually lead to heart problems or diseases, such as blockage of arteries and heart attacks.

here are tips on preventing it, Brushing and flossing Brushing and flossing carefully, and basically prevents any deposits and accumulation in the teethTatar is one of the main causes of periodontal disease. Prophylaxis of plaque formation is similar to the prevention of periodontal disease.

Cleaning the teeth on a daily basis is the best way to protect gum disease because the thread is the only way to remove.deposits between the teeth that are not accessible through the toothbrush. In addition, the use of toothpaste with fluoride.

Use Antiseptic Mouthwash: Oral rinsing with antibacterial mouthwash provides additional protection against plaque.It is recommended to use peroxide mouthwash. If you already have gum disease, avoid using an alcohol-based mouthwash.

Be careful when rinsing your mouth with a popular mouthwash. Most rinses without a prescription remove only bad breath.they do nothing to eliminate the bacteria that they cause in the mouth. Schedule Regular CheckupsIf you are afraid that you develop signs of gum disease, you will not break them once a year.


Planning repetitive cleaning operations with your dentist can help eliminate bacteria and keep your mouth healthy. Because gum disease can be caused by other oral problems, such as broken or broken teeth or unsuitable dentures.

Their treatment may subsequently eliminate the need for oral surgery.

In addition, you can ask your dentist how to prevent a recurrence of gum disease. Regular visits to the dentist for regular examinations are one of the best ways to prevent periodontal disease.

Dental examinations monitor the condition of the oral cavity in a person and the level of bone around the teeth. A dental examination also helps to identify early stages of periodontal disease and monitor progress in the treatment of periodontal disease.

Prevention is always the best cure for any problems or illnesses.

proper oral hygiene, such as cleaning at least twice a day, is a good way to prevent gum disease.Make your habit of visiting your dentist for regular dental and dental examinations.

Visit your dentist in the fox once every six months. It is important that you learn to prevent gum disease sooner than later. Studies have shown that there is a definite link between the health of the oral cavity and public health.