Dental insurance no waiting period

Dental insurance no waiting period

Dental insurance no waiting period when the child is young we really reinforce to the parents hey it’s up to you to brush their teeth up until the age of at least by the apple age of five they become more independent think Dental insurance no waiting period they understand how to hold a toothbrush.

Dental insurance no waiting period

to  understand Dental insurance  how to get in there and brush a lot better okay before then you know  my kids I have a four-year-old she’s a pre-k here she just doesn’t this you know she does a good job of keeping  in her mouth and she tries to keep it in

there for at least a minute and a half but she’s not getting or hitting or  brushing the way the plaque that’s in her mouth so what do I do give a good practice now let me do it can I have a remote per month look in the mirror and me

go around all on her teeth little small circles you’re pretending you’re brushing all your teeth there okay and the more you do live with the child you’ll be surprised  I always hear Oh once I start with my child they wanted to brush their

teeth all the time and that’s great because they’ve learned that head from early on and it just like everything else  sticks with them okay one thing I was gonna mention brushing and flossing obviously there is one toothbrush out there they

don’t saw in the stores it’s called a rodent that’s the only one that’s equal to  flossing nothing beats flossing but the Roland they say is equal to okay so you can probably buy that enter dental office so I wanted to just kind of repeat one

more time about cavities that’s the biggest thing that’s the most  common problem that we see so how do you get cavities what did I say you need food once you eat food the bacteria also get to eat give a chance to eat that food once it eats

that food the acid starts to be produced how do you reduce that  acid if you’re at work I always tell my child and you hear let’s go to drinking fun when you go to the drinking honey I rinse really good because even if you can guess they don’t

they don’t have the time or whatnot to brush Dental insurance no waiting period their teeth it’s okay but it helps to reduce that  acid level in your mouth what else can you do gums chewing gum helps, of course, sugar-free and the issue